The project 360° 365 days takes the shape of circle as the starting point. When connecting the points on the circumference, different polygons are created. The studio used the technique of diffusion, equidistant cutting and the crossover of two colors to create the third color. Combining with Risograph printing, this experiment of colors rendered unexpected outcomes.

297*302 mm / 12 Sheets / Limited Edition of 350

10 Corlors of Risograph Printing / Design by O.OO & Panyuchou
Produced & Printed by O.OO Risograph & Design ROOM
November 2016


The Experimental Notebook Series
Dot Study Notebook

The Experimental Notebook series is specially created with a considered selection of paper and printing methods.
It hopes to inspire users to think out of the norm.

Withineach notebook are pages of dots and grids in 4 different sizes and are printed on alternate pages for handwriting to fall thoughtfully on the right side of the spread. Its design allows for pages to be conveniently torn for making collages and origami. Using what is conventionally used for food packaging, the pages of greaseproof paper hopes to encourage users to contemplate the usage of the everyday things around us. Each design in the series comes in a a limited quantity of 200 pieces, and they are sold at our ongoing exhibition and on our online store.

Design by O.OO Risograph & Design ROOM / Printing by Jc Printing

105 x 180mm . 288 pages / 4 kinds of different patterns /
letterpress & 2 colors offset print / Limited edition of 200 / Sep 2016



O.OO x TOOLS TO LIVEBY Special Edition
This notebook is presented by O.OO and Tools to Liveby.
We possess the enthusiasm of exploring different frontiers to make this product and also expect it can bring you a new writing experience and also inspire you.

. 170 x 120 mm
. risograph printing
. special edition 70 (each color)
. 2015
. sold out

Unfinished Daydream

. O.OO x ARTIST series 1
. poster 250 x 178 mm postcard 109×158 mm
. risograph printing : orange / blue / green
. edition poster – 30/postcard – 100
. 2015 published

HOMETOWN 2015-16 Calendar

. Art Director – Pip lu
. Graphic Design – Pip lu
. Production – O.OO / JoeFang Studio
. 200 x 350 mm
. 3sheets / 2 postcards
. 5 colors risograph printing
. Design for HOMETOWN exhibition
. 2015

Good Old Days letter writing sets

. 15.8 x 11 x 2 cm
. 12 writing papers x 6 envelopes x postcard
. 3 colors risograph printing
( metallice gold / blue / green )
. edition 250
. Design by O.OO
. photographer Chang Chieh