24/7 A PROPOSITION Exhibition VI
for Taipei Fine Arts Museum

24/7空間計畫在尋找一種靠近日常生活的情境,提供觀眾練習成為使用空間的各種角色的機會;觀眾於此空間內從美術館的參觀者反轉成為美術館的行動/表演者,在這樣的情境之下,觀眾的身體行動及姿態將賦予這個空間意義。這是一個沒有入口及出口、開始或結束的開放性空間。在原本只有裸牆與線性的空間中,稍微抬升的榻榻米木作平臺、與牆面圖案相互延伸呼應的抱枕、提供光源的野口勇(Isamu Noguchi)紙燈,均在給予觀眾可自由行動的暗示。


Project 24/7 seeks to bring everyday life into the framework of the Museum.
The audience is invited to explore and make use of the space.
By their physical actions and postures the audience actively participates in giving meaning to the project.

In an open space without a clearly defined function,
platforms of varying sizes and heights provide a pedestal or a stage where the audience is able to act freely,
taking on the role of the artwork or performer.
The walls and cushions are covered with the pattern of various grids of tatami mats alluding to the planning and construction of spaces.
With a palette of colors appropriated directly from convenience stores around Taipei,
the wall paintings lead us out of the museum and into the urban landscape of our daily lives.

In contrast to the exhibition spaces in the museum which demand the audience to be attentive and focused,
24/7 is a casual space where visitors are encouraged to interact physically with the installation.
Illuminated by paper lanterns the space also provides an environment that encourages informal exchanges.
Just as Isamu Noguchi viewed his paper lanterns as “Restless wonders between the realm of art and design,
24/7 proposes a space between an art exhibition and everyday life.

. Exhibition Identity : O.OO
. Client: Taipei Fine Art Museum & MICHAEL LIN
. Year: 2019