IRMA BOOM BOOK Exhibition Visual

Irma Boom 伊瑪布 書展




Those familiar with Irma’s works will notice, her designs are never flashy or gaudy in appearance; in fact, when put on display amongst other books, the untrained eye may even say that her books lack personality. In reality, her books rely not on visual cues, but the interaction between the reader and the book object to create a deeply intimate and memorable experience. Irma no longer dabbles in reinterpretation or transformation of the author’s work, and instead focuses on arranging individual threads to create an clear, interwoven story.

Herein lies the sophistication and exquisite beauty of Irma’s designs, as she takes on the role of curator in the process of design, using empathy to marry work and paper medium. Although there is little chance for the reader to physically touch the actual works of art featured in her books, the reader is able to achieve an understanding of the essence of the author and their works through the process of reading, interacting, and experiencing the book object.
How does one design a single visual (a printed flyer) to communicate, in the most simple way, the essence of Irma Boom’s personality? Hence, the design is muted in its use of empty decoration and overbearing visual narration to communicate with the audience. Instead, it invites the reader to play with the paper material, and, through this tactile interaction, arrive at an understanding of Irma Boom.

. Exhibition Poster & DM : O.OO
. Client: Not Just Library
. Year: 2018