SU Mala Crisp Series

Chili crisp is like perfume, different on every person, on every dish, at every temperature. It’s transportive, capturing the full essence of each component ingredient, transformed by heat and combined in effect. Oil is a perfect carrier of complexity, and our tongues and mouths are capable of perceiving sensations and flavors beyond the reach of words.⁠

Jay Chao, the producer of Su Chili Crisp, has been working on additional flavors since 2019, when Yun Hai swapped notes over lunch in Taipei and passed along customer requests for a non-tingly version and something a bit spicier.⁠ The Mala flavor is the original Su Chili Crisp.Is the bestseller for the past three years in YunHai shop.

(PACKAGE REDESIGN) Lu Ihwa, Liu Yuxian (O.OO)
(CLIENT) YunHai雲海
(YEAR) 2022