Four Quartets
by Thomas Stearns Eliot, 1985

A Book (Poster) Design for < The Affairs >
Present the entire contents of a book on a single page of the newspaper.
The front is the book cover and the back is the full contents of the book.
< Four Quartets > by Thomas Stearns Eliot, 1985
(SIZE) 312 mm x 546 mm
(PAPER) 52 g/m2 newsprint paper
(WORD COUNT) 8,410
(KEY WORDS) Loop, Movement, Melody, End-to-End, Ripple, Point, Line, Surface
(BOOK (POSTER) DESIGN Lu Ihwa, Liu Yuxian (O.OO)
(PUBLISHER) The Affairs 編集者新聞

Lu Ming-Te is a major pioneer of contemporary Taiwanese interdisciplinary art. This exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum seeks to present Lu’s works in a different way from the past. First, it links the exhibition spaces together through the narrative-charged motif of “Great Migrations,” endowing this retrospective with the distinctive style of Lu Ming -Te and vividly expressing his different creative approaches with a migration through different environments.

Look back the “Great Migrations” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in the first half of the year. Because the Museum proposed to hardbacked books, so the overall of monograph, Include editing process and production cost, both break the record of the Museum over the years. The entrance and exit of the exhibition used the giant egg as the metaphor for migration. We moved the concept of the Great Migration to the book cover, to fulfill those of who haven’t had the opportunity to visit the exhibition could also have the exhibit experience while they are reading the book.

Great Migrations: Lu Ming-Te, Published by Taipei Fine Art Museum
大遷徙:盧明德 2021, 臺北市立美術館 出版, Limited edition of 600

(PHOTOGRAPHY) Lu ihwa, Liu Yuxian
(CLIENT) Taipei Fine Art Museum 臺北市立美術館
(YEAR) 2021

16, not only a filmmaker but also good at writing, planning, and recording life.
This year, a photo book collecting his life fragments, has been published.

(PHOTOGRAPHY) Lu ihwa, Liu Yuxian
(CLIENT) 十六 (@16v0_0v16)
(YEAR) 2021