This is a calendar that needs more patience to read,
this year we break the inertial way how people read the calendar.
Although it looks like a complicated graphic code,
but basically there’s nothing changed from the general calendar.
The only thing that I did is emphasizing ten digits of the numbers (date).

Through the color arrangement, ppl will see color numbers (ten digits) first,
and then they will see the grey numbers (single digits).
For example, the day “25”. Reading order will first find the colored “2″
and then the corresponding gray “5″ and they might find it less than a second.
I only changed a bit of the reading order and made the whole calendar into a simple logic game.

Since 2O14, the calendar was never just a paper for counting days for us.
It was “the only experimental field in a year” and this one can last until the end of the year.
We really feel very grateful for everyone who was willing to participate in these experiments for the past five years.
We have used this calendar as a metaphor to question about our every day,
and  We hope people also build there own perspective for every detail what they take it for granted.


(DESIGN & PRODUCTION) Ihwa Lu, Yuxian Liu (O.OO)
(FULL SIZE) H820*W300 mm
(PRINTING METHOD) 15 Colors risograph printing
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OBJ3CT ‘18 Calendar 
Produced by O.OO Risograph & Design ROOM
Art Director : Pip Lu (O.OO)
Graphic Design : O.OO x
Print : O.OO & 33Print
420*594 mm / 12 Sheets / 1 Color offset printing & 12 Color Risograph printing
Limited Edition of 200, September 2017

The project 360° 365 days takes the shape of circle as the starting point. When connecting the points on the circumference, different polygons are created. The studio used the technique of diffusion, equidistant cutting and the crossover of two colors to create the third color. Combining with Risograph printing, this experiment of colors rendered unexpected outcomes.

297*302 mm / 12 Sheets / Limited Edition of 350

10 Corlors of Risograph Printing / Design by O.OO & Panyuchou
Produced & Printed by O.OO Risograph & Design ROOM
November 2016