Medium x Medium|Exhibition VI

<Medium x Medium・媒介 x 媒介> 展覽以「 The __ is the ________ 」出發

開放給觀者思考,未來資訊閱讀的方式是否隨著科技的進步而真的更加速食化,亦或是閱讀者將回過頭來尋找可以細嚼慢嚥的養分?同時也思考著,跨越不同媒介間的同樣資訊傳遞,是否擁有同等的重量?一直以來,訊息的形體因為詮釋者的不同,樣貌會不斷的被改變。資訊從過去的由單一媒體主宰「The Media is the Message」狀態,到「The Medium is the Message」的延伸,再轉變成開放媒體架構的「The User is the Message」樣貌,資訊來源不再單一,快速的改變了人們閱讀、理解訊息的方式。

. Exhibition Art Direction : O.OO
. Production : The Affairs 週刊編集, O.OO
. Client: The Affairs 週刊編集, Not Just Library 不只是圖書館
. Year: 2018

Broken Spectre Exhibition VI
for Taipei Fine Arts Museum

破身影 Broken Spectre


The three commissioned video installations by Hsu Che-Yu, Su Hui-Yu and Yu Cheng-Ta in this exhibition respectively echo three cultural productions in Taiwan during the 1990s: the Taipei Breaking Sky Festival (1995), the plays by the Taiwan Walker Theatre in its early days, and an article featuring a discussion on the queer body in Isle-Margin, a magazine of cultural criticism. With the perspectives from today, this exhibition seeks to revisit, also to reimagine the specific cultural practices which was shaped by the physical senses, the practices related to the wrecked body, transgressive sensations and unmaterialised utopia.

. Exhibition Identity : O.OO
. Client: ET@T
. Year: 2017