Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Idea for CHAT mill6

CHAT’s 2020 spring exhibition “Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas” brings together the textile works of 7 artists of different countries and cultures. However, due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, they have recently collected and put together information and photos on the exhibition together to create a designed documentation of the exhibition.

Patchwork is an artform which involves sewing together irregular pieces of new and used fabrics, and it can be infinitely expanded by adding another fabric piece, with each piece of the patchwork having its own character and history. Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas as a metaphorical patchwork is a thought experiment which ponders both art and textiles beyond the long-standing discussion formula, examining instead the artistic application of textiles.

(EDITORIAL DESIGN) Lu ihwa, Liu Yuxian
(YEAR) 2020
(CLIENT) CHAT 六廠(六廠紡織文化藝術館),Hong Kong